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Episode 5: How Well Do You Adapt to Change



1- First Things First, Please Comment – 0:54 minute mark

We’d love to hear you feedback on this video.  Do you like Real Estate information? Or do you prefer the “Personal” side of life?

2- How Well Do You Adapt To Change? – 1:27 minute mark

Sebastian talks about “Who Moved My Cheese by: Spencer Johnson, M.D.

3- Which Character Are You in the book – 9:10 minute mark

Are You:

SNIFF: Always looking for opportunity?
SCURRY: Always running toward the goal?
HAW: Able to eventually change when your cheese is gone?
HEM: Will never change. Expect the “Good-Old-Days” to return

4- Everything in Real Estate Changes Too! – 11:34 minute mark

  • Home prices change
  • You much change with the times if you want to maximize your home value
  • How buyers search for home has changed
  • Home style have changes to accommodate today’s families.

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