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How To Price Your Home For Maximum Profits

The Traditional Approach To Pricing Your Home

There are 2 factors Agents take into account when pricing your home to sell:

1- Recent "Sold" properties and
2- Your competition.

This traditional approach doesn't take into consideration any changes/improvements you can make to your home to increase the value.

Mistakes We See

- Don't confuse "active" prices with "sold" prices.

- Don't overprice because you have time.

- Think like a buyer (ex: your home may need a paint job and new carpet). Ask yourself, "what are buyers paying top dollar for"?

Value-Driven SOLD™ Approach

Traditional approach: This is what most agents do from what I see. They will price the home where is, as is.

Staged Approach: A small percentage of agents will take things to next level. They will "stage" your home. This may cause your home to sell quicker and quite possibly for more money.

Value-Driven SOLD™ Approach: This is a system we (The Burlington Homes Team) have created. This goes way beyond staging. Our approach is designed to drive up the value of your home so you can profit more than the traditional or staged approach.

We have a saying on this team, "We'll show you how to spend a dime to make a dollar".

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