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Episode 9: The Real Estate Board You List Your Home On Will Effect The Sale of Your Home



1- Sebastian still can’t tie a bow-tie – 0:40 minute mark

Still…. need I say more? Even the neighbour laughed at me

2- The real estate board you list your home on will effect the sale of your home – 1:25 minute mark

A true story behind a Seller who couldn’t sell his home. It was listed on the wrong real estate board. Being on doesn’t mean you’re listed on the right board.

3- I explain how the local real estate boards work – 4:14 minute mark

There are 4 local real estate boards that an Agent can belong to:

  • Realtor’s Association of Hamilton Burlington (our local board)
  • Oakville Milton Real Estate Board
  • Mississauga Real Estate Board
  • Toronto Real Estate Board

4- Biggest mistake an Agent can make with your home – 8:35 minute mark

Some Agents will list your Burlington home on TREB Only.

5- Questions you must ask the Agent before listing – 10:15 minute mark

  • What real estate board do you belong to?
  • What board will you be listing my home on?… AND in what order?

6- What happens when an out of town agent doesn’t list your home on RAHB – 11:55 minute mark

  • No exposure to the local real estate agents (most local agent only have RAHB access)
  • Only agents with TREB access will know about your listing. Most local agents only have RAHB access.
  • You may experience extended listing period with fewer showings.

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