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Episode 4: You’re Losing $4,500/month By Waiting To Purchase A House


1- The first surprise – We’re on iTunes – 0:58 minute mark

We have exciting shows coming up. We cover many topics ranging from local neighbourhood gossip to local mom and pop shops. We are all about Burlington, not just real estate.

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2- Latest Update on the Burlington Real Estate Market – 1:38 minute mark

Average home sale price in Burlington for the month of September 2015 was $571,439
Average home price in Burlington as of September 2015 is: $561,359

The statistics indicate steady market growth in Burlington.

3- You’re Losing $4,500/month By Waiting To Purchase A House – 7:01 minute mark

Here how I worked out he math:

Home prices have gone up 9.5% this year from $512,757 in January to $561,359 as of September 2015. If the prices stay the same for the remainder of 2015 that means the there is an increase in the market of 0.8% [9.5% / 12 = 0.8%].

Since the average home in Burlington is roughly $561,359, this means each month the price will increase $4,490 [$561,359 * .8% = $4,490]

4- Our 2015 Halloween colouring contest – 10:21 minute mark

I will be posting the final rules later this week.

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